12.5 Billion ZEPX Coins

Biggest Airdrop


With the concept of Metaverse, the Zep Coin founders are also working on Zepverse. The Zepverse is a parallel imaginary universe where the Zep Coin will be used as official currency.

A Limited Supply

Zep Coin doesn’t have an unlimited supply of coins. With a total supply of 325 billion coins, only 32.5 billion coins are in circulation. The limited availability of Zep Coin shall increase its demand in the future

A Robust Strategy

A robust roadmap with a futuristic vision and a perfect coin addition and burning strategy. All these features make Zep Coin a lucrative cryptocurrency for investment.

2. Crypto (Medium)

Fast Online Support

Zep Coin is all set to provide 12.5 Billion FREE coins, worth 1.25 million USD, to crypto enthusiasts. The peeps must register and participate in a small refer and earn event that involves a few easy steps such as follow, refer or tweet, and so on to claim their free Zep Coin rewards. Call it the most profitable deal and earn a hefty ROI on your profit on a Free Zep Coin. The deal is not just limited to immediate profit, but soon Zep Coin will be the currency you can use in Zepverse, a virtual world where you can play games, create your own NFTs, get a rate of interest on your Zep Coins, do real-world shopping, and whatnot. You name it, and you get it on Zepverse. Hurry up! Don’t miss this ultimate chance to become a millionaire without spending a penny.



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