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Zepcoin is an authorised currency of Zepverse, the splendid and futuristic world. Zepverse aims to deliver the virtual reality experience in real life, from the comfort of your couch.



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ZepCoin is an official currency of Zepverse, the magnificent and futuristic world. You can enjoy everything from attending concerts to watching movies with your favourite celebrity, creating & petting an unimaginable creature like a T-Rex or a Unicorn.

ZepCoin is an open-source cryptocurrency built by the legends of blockchain, using the BEP 20 mechanism. Just like the technology:

  • Blockchain

    We employ advanced blockchain technology to ensure security without compromising privacy.

  • BEP 20

    The BEP 20 mechanism makes it more scalable and faster.

  • Fully Decentralised

    It is extraordinarily 100% decentralised.

  • Global supply

    The global availability of ZepCoin on all the prime exchanges ensures high liquidity.

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Why ZepCoin?

ZepCoin is a newly launched cryptocurrency. ZepCoin is a penny cryptocurrency that calls for a bigger opportunity in a little investment. The following perks of ZepCoin make it positively different from other cryptocurrencies and increase the future potential of its demand and usability

Introduction to the Zepverse

With the concept of Metaverse, the ZepCoin founders are also working on Zepverse. The Zepverse is a parallel imaginary universe where the ZepCoin will be used as official currency.

A Limited Supply of Coins

ZepCoin doesn’t have an unlimited supply of coins. With a total supply of 325 billion coins, only 152.26 billion coins (including IEO Issue Size) are in circulation. The limited availability of ZepCoin shall increase its demand in the future

A Robust Strategy and Roadmap

A robust roadmap with a futuristic vision and a perfect coin addition and burning strategy. All these features make ZepCoin a lucrative cryptocurrency for investment.

Welcome to the Future of the World


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ZepCoin is a result of the expertise, knowledge and challenging work of blockchain and crypto veterans. Crypto enthusiasts have created a futuristic virtual ecosystem. These Ninjas have worked hard to bring forth a flawless cryptocurrency along with the exciting ZEPIAN verse, the Zepverse where you can accomplish some ultimate pieces of an element, from watching movies to attending concerts, touring in a virtual environment to virtual shopping, and many more.


ZepCoin is a newly developed cryptocurrency designed to bridge the gaps in the current crypto ecosystem. ZepCoin is one of those cryptocurrencies with a high potential to be the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

With the underpinning of the BEP 20 mechanism, ZepCoin has secured the quickest transacting cryptocurrency position globally. The most advanced blockchain technology makes it further advanced and safe. The highly secure platform and verified validators prevent the network from tampering and security compromising.

Most Secure Cryptocurrency

Working on the most advanced and secure blockchain technology with verified and trustworthy validators makes ZepCoin the most secure cryptocurrency.

Fastest Transacting Cryptocurrency

ZepCoin has adopted the BEP 20 mechanism. BEP 20 enables fast transactions.

Limited Coin Circulation

ZepCoin has nearly 152.26 Billion coins (including IEO Issue Size) in circulation. This availability of any cryptocurrency makes its demand higher in the future.

A gateway to Zepverse

ZepCoin is the gateway to the exotic, and wholesome Zepverse.


The Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) of Zepcoin is aligned to launch after the Special Offerings of Zepcoin.


15th Jan 2023 Onwards

After completing the Special Offering Phase, the Zepcoin IEO is scheduled to launch on January 16th, 2023. The first utility-based Metaverse coin and a BEP20 token will offer 65 Billion Zepcoins at US $0.002 per ZEPX. Users will be able to buy 500 ZEPX for US $1. The IEO will be 1.334 times (33.33%) higher than the special offering price.

Successful ICO Zepcoin (ZEPX) started its early sale in the form of an ICO. The two phases of ZEPX ICO proved to be a huge success.

Special Offerings

6th Jan 2023 to 15th Jan 2023

The company has decided to issue 10 million Zepcoin tokens in a special offering just before the launch of the Initial exchange offering (IEO). The issue is available at a 25% discount on the price rate of the upcoming IEO. Under this special coin offering, investors will be able to buy Zepcoin at the price rate of US $0.0015 per coin. Key details about the special offer are as follows-

Issue Size: 10 million ZEPX for US $15,000

Price Rate: US $0.0015 per ZEPX

Subscription Window: 10 Days

Available at:


15th Dec 2022 to 5th Jan 2023

Before the official launch of the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of Zepcoin, the pre-sale of the Zepcoins has begun. Through the Pre-IEO phase, the Metaverse token, registered as ZEPX, is available on the website. The Pre-IEO is launched especially for Zepians and additional individuals. The Pre-IEO of Zepcoin is the initial stage of the Zepcoin IEO. Under the Pre-IEO, users could buy one ZepCoin for 0.001 USD and 1000 ZEPX for US $1 similarly. The Details of Zepcoin Pre-IEO are as follows-

Issue Size: USD 16.25 Million
Coin Offering: 16.25 Billion ZEPX
Price Rate: USD 0.001 per/ZEPX
Subscription Window: 22 days
Opening at:

ICO Phase II

22nd Nov 2022 to 11th Dec 2022

Issue Size: USD 13 Million

Coin Offering: 26 Billion ZEPX

Price Rate: $0.0005 (2000 ZEPX for $1)

Subscription Window: 22 Days

Exclusively for Zepians: 2 days ext.

Opened at:

Token Sold: 84%

Referral Bonus: 5% per refer

ICO Phase I

10th Oct 2022 to 20th Nov 2022

Issue Size: USD 2 Million

Coin Offering: 20 Billion ZEPX

Price Rate: $0.0001 (10,000 ZEPX for $1)

Subscription Window: 42 Days

Exclusively for Zepians: 1 day ext.

Opened at:

Token Sold: 71% 

The IEO is opening immediately after the pre-IEO Phase. Invest in the Virtual Asset of Real-life Utility. ZEPX, ZepCoin is the currency of the Metaverse-based virtual future of the Internet, Zepverse.



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